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"Hi John, thought you'd like some feedback.  I needed only a little bit of trimming around the outside edge to match it up with the slight waviness of the center canopy so there's an equal space all around.  Otherwise, it fell right into place with the original hardware.  Thanks again, it's a great item, like you've made hundreds of them.  Thanks, Brian Chersky"

When I asked permission to use his email, I got this back:

"Sure thing John, and feel free to embellish them if you want, I have nothing but great things to say.  Thanks, Brian"



Subject: Dick Russ mentions GLAP

Hi John!

Hope the New Year is off to a good start for you.

I wanted to let you know that Dick Russ wrote his monthly column on replacing windshields and he states in his article, “I have used different manufacturers and found that Great Lakes Aero Products, in Flint, Michigan was the only one whose windshields I have never had problems fitting. They always fit the shape of the fuselage the way they are suppose to fit.”

I will make sure that you receive a copy of Dick’s article in the February issue of PIPER FLYER MAGAZINE.

We sure do appreciate you advertising with us and for your support!

Thanks John!

Trevor Janz
Co-Founder & Advertising Director
Private Pilot - Instrument
Cessna Flyer Association
Cessna Flyer Magazine
Piper Flyer Association
Piper Flyer Magazine


Subject: Customer Comment

Good morning. 

 I recently purchased a couple of rear windows for my 1951 Piper Tri Pacer and I just wanted to give some feedback as to the service and quality of your products.  

First off, I want to say that the service level of your sales person (unfortunately I can’t remember the name) was OUTSTANDING!  He went out of his way to research my aircraft and find the appropriate parts. Second, the turn around time from order to delivery was much better than I expected.  The windows arrived yesterday in excellent packaging and thus excellent shape.

When I opened the package I was EXTREMELY impressed with the quality of the windows.  This morning I went to the hangar to install the windows.  I expected to have to do some trimming or sizing but to my surprise they dropped in place of the old windows without ANY hassle.

I just wanted to drop this note to let you know that I am very happy with your company’s service and products and I will definitely be coming back to you for any future window/windshield needs.  Likewise I will pass this feedback to everyone I know who owns a plane.  I stumbled upon your company by doing a web search and I am very glad I went with you guys.

Thank you so much for the great service and product.  I am one happy customer!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chad Hawthorne


Cessna 152

The windshield arrived safely. Nice packing job. With a bare minimum of trimming, it fit perfectly. I can also report that the rear window arrived in the same condition. It also fit easier than any other manufacturers replacement. And, Darn quick shipping on both!!
So, overall, I am now a confirmed customer. I have a very busy one man FBO here, VERY complete in EVERY way...machine shop, welding, and I get really deep into these aircraft.

Not going to be the biggest customer you ever had, but I'll be with you all the way!!

Many, many thanks.....

       Bill Besarick
      General Aviation MX
      Grant Municipal Airport
      76190 Highway 61
      Grant, NE 69140
      three 0 Eight -352-6364


Subject: Satisfied customer

Hi all,

Just wanted to send a note with positive feedback. I spent yesterday installing windows in my 1976 Archer that I received from you, and I was EXTREMELY impressed with your help, service, and the final product. I actually was shocked at the fit and finish of the windows; I didn't have to alter them in any way. After installing a lot of plastic trim, seats, and side panels over the past few years I fully expected to have some trimming to do. I was pleasantly surprised with the  installation and love the look.

Great Job, and I will be recommending you to all my friends with old windows.



Subject: Cessna 175 windscreen

Just a line to say thank you for your excellent service. The windscreen arrived promptly, well packed with no damage, and the instructions were understandable. I fitted the new windscreen (you say windshield) today and it looks great. I will certainly recommend your company.



"I also just recommended your products the other day to another Mooney pilot. 

I'm still pleased with mine."  


in a second e-mail Larry also had to say the following...


"...your company delivered a high-quality product, on time and for a good price."



The following is an excerpt from an article found in the July 1999 issue of Plane and Pilot.  When their Piper Comanche PA-24 was landed with the landing gear up they decided to make some enhancements, including new windows.  Here is what they said about us:

"... Dozens of airplanes can be fitted with windows that are thicker and of better optical quality than the originals.  Thicker means safer and quieter.  ...We ordered windows directly from Great Lakes Aero (Products), the same vendor that made the one-piece, quarter-inch windshield ... The quality and tint perfectly matched the windshield."

Higdon, Dave. Plane & Pilot. "Making the best of a bad situation (Upgrading during a crash repair)".  July, 1999. pp 48-55 

Subject: 172 Windows

The five windows I bought from you were installed this week (finally)
and look great.  The installer said the fit was very accurate.

Thanks for doing a great job.  I'll be in touch when I need more stuff.




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Home > Catalog > Testimonies

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