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Use with GLAP Part # 2080

Piper PA-23-250 & PA-E23-250
One Piece Windshield Installation


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STC# Used on
SA585GL PA-23-250, PA-E23-250 ( 6 Place )
Materials List:
  1. Windshield - part # as shown above
  2. 4 pcs. #4-¼ PTA sheet metal screws
  3. 8 pcs. AN-526-632-R 10 screws
  4. 8 pcs.  AN-364 or 365 632 nuts
  5. 8 pcs. M-1000-1 elastomer bushings
  6. 1 pc .060" X 1" X 12" Aluminum strip
  7. Bracket part # M-1003 or cover part # M-1002. as required
  8. Sealant - dichromate putty or silicone rubber ( RTV ) or other approved sealant    --NOT SUPPLIED--
Installation Procedure:
  1.  Remove compass ( if mounted on center post ) and OAT. Remove necessary upholstery and trim.
  2. Remove old windshield by removing center outer strip and lower fairing.  Remove the screws on the top and sides and remove the old windshields.
  3. Cover the top of the instrument panel to prevent foreign material from entering radios and instruments.
  4. Remove center post by drilling out the necessary rivets and removing the bolt at the bottom, if the compass is to be located other than shown in Fig 1 of these instructions see Fig 2.  If the compass is to be located at the top of the windshield, cut the post as shown on Fig 1 and remove the bolt at the bottom.
    Fig 1
    This shows how to re-locate the compass
    Fig 2
    Use this ONLY if you are locating the compass OTHER than the Top of the windshield
  5. Clean the old sealant from the windshield mounting area and carefully inspect and repair the mounting area to remove nicks, burrs and distorted metal as required.
  6. Remove the edge of the protective paper as shown in Fig 3.
    Fig 3
    This shows how to protect the windshield for installation
  7. Fit the new windshield to the opening by trimming - use a disk sander or a belt sander - be careful not to remove too much material ( you can not put any back on, but you can always remove a little more ).  When the windshield fits properly, mark and drill or notch the holes at the top and sides for the screws ( see Fig 4 ).   -- NOTE: The bottom of the windshield should fit tightly against the skin as it helps to hold the windshield in position. --
    See Drilling and trimming instructions for more information.
    Fig 4
    This shows some suggested methods for notching or drilling holes in the windshield
  8. With the windshield and lower fairing in place, locate and drill the 4 holes in the lower fairing an thru the windshield and aluminum strip.  BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DRILL SHARPENING INSTRUCTIONS, a #27 drill is used through the fairing and the aluminum strip.  A .312" drill is used to drill the windshield using the smaller hole as a pilot hole.  6 or 8 holes may be used along the lower fairing ( rather than 4 ), if it seems necessary to keep the windshield from leaking in this area.  The 2" screw spacing is typical and AN 960 washers should be used on the outer holes - beyond the 12" strip. (See Fig 5)
    Fig. 5
    This is a section of a drilled hole and a location of drilled holes
  9. Remove the windshield and smooth all edges with fine sandpaper.  Install the elastomer bushings in the holes at the bottom.
  10. Apply sealant to all mounting surfaces and reinstall the windshield in the opening.  Reinstall the lower fairing and the other related fasteners. ( see Fig 6 )
    Fig 6
    Side post shins may be bent slightly to provide a tighter fit to the windshield
  11. Clean the excess sealant and windshield ( VM&P Naphtha or lighter fluid will not harm the Plexiglas but most other solvents will ).  Use a good grade of aircraft windshield cleaner to remove the thin film that will remain after cleaning the sealant with the VM&P Naphtha.
  12. Re install the O.A.T. - it may be installed through the windshield, but it is desirable to relocate it elsewhere.  Reinstall the compass as shown in Fig 7 or relocate as desired. A C2400L4P may be mounted on top of the instrument panel.
    Fig 7
    Compass mount relocation technique
  13. Repair painted areas and replace upholstery ( as required )
  14. Fill out 337 form.


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