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Instructions A2E - STC'd 2236 Door Window
Instructions for Installing a Beech Door window with Milled edge

Use with GLAP Part # 2236

Materials required
Installation procedure:
Weight and Balance information
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Usability for Right hand Door Window
W- or W/T-, W/G-2236

Model  Serial Number
F33A CE-633 & on
V35B D-9819, D-9856 & up 
A36 E-754, E-831 & up 
A36TC EA-1 & up


Materials required:
  1. Door Window, W or W/T-, or W/G-2236, STC # SA00690CH
  2. RTV Silicone Rubber Sealant GE, Dow or equal
  3. Optional - VM&P Naphtha or Lighter Fluid
  4. Rivets - as required
Installation procedure:
  1. Remove upholster and trim pieces as required, to expose the window retainer.
  2. Drill out the rivets that hold the retaining ring.
  3. Remove old window and clean opening of old sealant.  Inspect opening for distorted metal or damaged surface where new window will contact.
  4. Peal the protective paper back on the new window not more than 1 to 2 inches from edge and use masking tape to hold it.
  5. Place new window in opening and mark any spots that to be sanded for a better fit.  DO NOT REMOVE EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF MATERIAL AT ONE TIME - YOU CAN ALWAYS TAKE MORE OFF - YOU CANNOT PUT ANY BACK ON!
  6. Make sure the edges of the window are smooth and then replace the window in the opening.  If any interference still exists repeat step 5.
  7. If the retainer ring overlaps the milled edge of the window or is too tight in a spot or two the inside edge of the metal ring may be trimmed to allow a better fit.
  8. When a good fit is obtained, reinstall the window in the door, and re-rivet the retainer ring holding the window.  NOTE- If the window is masked to the metal edge of the window opening the mess created by the sealant will be minimized.
  9. Remove the masking tape and protective paper when the sealant has dried.
  10. Replace the upholstery and trim pieces removed in step 1.

Weight and Balance information

      Right hand ( door ) window replace 36-430044-5 with W, W/T, W/G-2236

        New weight change.................................. + 3# ( exchange )
        Arm.......................................................... + 88½"
        Moment..................................................... + 266 in #



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