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A2A STC'd 2221 Door Window

Instructions for Installing a Beech Door window with Vent window

GLAP Part # 2221

Materials required
Tools Required:
Installation procedure:
Weight and Balance information
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Usability of Right Hand ( Door ) window
W- or W/T-, W/G-2221


Serial Number

35-33, 33-A33, 33-B33, 35-C33, E33, F33, G33
35-C33A, E33A, F33A
E33C, F33C

CD-1 & up
CE-1 ~ CE-632
CJ-1 & up

35, A35, B35, C35, D35, E35, F35, G35, H35, J35,

K35, M35, N35, P35, S35, V35, V35A, V35B

D-1 ~D-9855
(EXCEPT D-9819)

36 & A36 

E-1 ~ E-830
(EXCEPT E-754)

95-55, 95-A55, 95-B55, 95-B55A

TC-1 ~TC-1935

95-C55, 95-C55A, D55, D55A, E55, E55A

TE-1 ~ TE-1069

56TC, A56TC

TG-1~ TG-94

58, 58A

TH-1 ~ TH-732

95, thru E95

TD-2 ~ TD-721


Materials required:

1. Door Window, W or W/T-, or W/G-2221, STC # SA00690CH

2. 56 pieces AN 507 or 526-632 R9 or 10  ( See note below ) 56 pieces AN 364-632 (nuts)  56 pieces AN 960-6L  (washers)

3. Masking Tape

4. Can of spray Enamel

5. RTV Silicone Rubber Sealant GE, Dow or equal

6. Optional - VM&P Naphtha or Lighter Fluid  


Tools Required:

1. Phillips screw drivers

2. Electric drill

3. Drill set

4. Counter sink tool

5. 5/16 inch box end wrench

6. Sander -Disk or Belt ( may be done by hand if necessary )  


Installation procedure:

1. Remove old Window and clean opening of old sealant. Inspect opening for distorting or damaged surface where new window will contact.

2. Peel the protective paper back on the new window not more than 1 to 2 inches from the edge and use masking tape to hold it.

This shows how to peal back the masking for installation and trimming into the aircraft, do this to keep the window from getting damaged

3. Place new Window in opening and mark any spots that have to be sanded for a better fit. DO NOT REMOVE EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF MATERIAL AT ONE TIME - you can always take more off - you cannot put any back on! Do not use tools such as screwdrivers to pry the window out - use your fingers and hands.

4. Make sure the edges of the window are smooth and then replace the windshield in the opening. If any interference still exists repeat step #3

5. When a good fit is obtained, have someone inside the aircraft hold the window in position and drill the top center hole (from the outside) with a drill (see sharpening instructions) that will just clear the airframe. Place a screw through the hole and a nut inside and tighten very gently. Now drill the bottom center hole and place a screw through and a nut and tighten gently. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN

NOTE: The AN 526 screws may be used in holes that are not dimpled ( countersunk ) use as required.

6. Drill four or five more holes on both sides of the center, top an bottom, working from the center out. Place the screws in the outer most holes that you have just drilled and tighten gently. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN! (see sharpening instructions)

7. Repeat the process (step 6) until all holes are drilled and there is one screw and nut in every forth or fifth hole.

STEPS # 5, 6, & 7
This shows the suggested method for where to begin drilling and where to end drilling holes into the window

8. Mark the windshield with a grease pencil ( china marker ) to show where the edge of the airframe meets the window.

STEP # 8
This shows where to mark the window with a grease pencil

9. Remove the screws in the reverse order ( outside in ) and remove the window from the opening.

10. Mask the Window 1/8 inch past the mark from step 8 leaving the outer edge of the opening exposed ( approximately 1/2 inch ) .

This shows where to mask the window to prevent the sealant from getting on undesired parts of the window

11. Redrill all the holes with a 3/16 to 7/32 drill (see sharpening instructions) and countersink slightly to clear the dimpled countersunk holes in the airframe (countersink window only on the side that contacts the airframe).

This shows a cut-away section of a drilled hole

12. Clean the edge of chips of dirt, spray a very light coat of enamel on the exposed (1/2 inch or so as in step 10) on the side that contacts the airframe. (NOTE: inspect masking first to be sure no paint will get on the plastic except for the edge). This coating is necessary as RTV Silicone Rubber will not adhere well to Acrylic.

13. When the paint on the edge is dry remove the extra masking tape and replace windshield in airframe. (no screws yet)

14. Squeeze a bead of RTV Silicone Rubber between the window and the airframe.

15. Put the screws and nuts in by starting in the center and working out. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN work Quickly - as the silicone rubber starts to "skin" over in 10 to 20 minutes

16. When all the screws and nuts are in place go over all of them - tighten gently and back off 1/4 to 1/2 turn on each of them.

17. The windshield is now permanently installed - excess RTV Silicone Rubber ( the excess that should squeeze out ) may be wiped off and then cleaned with a rag dampened with VM&P Naphtha or lighter fluid ( don't use too much ).

17a. Or optionally the excess may be allowed to harden for a day or two and then peeled off as it will not adhere well to the acrylic. Don't use a knife as you may cut into the windshield causing a stress concentration.  

Weight and Balance information

Right hand ( door ) window replace 35-400320-4, -10, -32 or -34 with W-2049

      New weight change.................................. + 1.93# ( exchange )
      Arm.......................................................... + 88½"
      Moment..................................................... + 170 in #



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A2A STC'd 2221 Door Window