Windshield - 2075
- Use Original Frame

<b>Windshield</b> - 2075<br>- Use Original Frame

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Windshield - 2075
- Use Original Frame


Item: Windshield ( Use Original Frame )
For Make: Beechcraft
For Models:
35-C33 (CD-1007 THRU CD-1118)
35-C33A (CE-1 THRU CE-179)
V35 (D-7977 THRU D-8598)
95-B55, 95-B55A (TC-955 THRU TC-1042)
95-C55, 95-C55A (TE-1 THRU TE-452 EXCEPT TE-50)
56TC (TG-2 THRU TG-83)
D95A (TD-638 THRU TD-707)

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
CLEAR: 35-410474-63, 35-410474-59 (ASM)
GREEN: 35-410474-61, 35-410474-57 (ASM)

NOTE: only replaces the window in the Assembly Part Numbers. To remove Frame use W-2050

Alternate Part Numbers: GLAP is not affiliated with LPAERO in any way, The following is for reference only
LP270, LP270SG, LP270GT, LP270CL, LP270UVSG,

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

Available Options:
Color: Clear (W-)  
Green (W/T-) ( + $194.02 )
Gray (W/G-) ( + $194.02 )
SC Green (SC-W/T-) ( + $601.47 )
SC Gray (SC-W/G-) ( + $601.47 )

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