Cabin Window -1177
- Inner (OUTBOARD)

<b>Cabin Window</b> -1177<br>- Inner (OUTBOARD)

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Cabin Window -1177
- Inner (OUTBOARD)


Item: Inner Outboard Cabin Window -NOT POLARIZED
For: Beechcraft, Raytheon, Hawker
Approved for Models:
C90, C90A, C90GT, C90GTi
(LJ-502 & UP)
E90 (SNS LW-1 THRU LW-347)
F90 (All SNS)
100, A100 (U-21F)
(B-1 & UP)
B100 (BE-1 & UP)
200, B200, A100-1 (U-21J) (sns BB-2 & UP)
200C, B200C (sns BL-1 & UP)
200CT, B200CT (sns BN-1 & UP)
200T, B200T (sns BT-1 & UP, Excpet BT-28)
B200GT (BY-1 & UP)
B200CGT (BZ-1 & UP)
300, 300LW (FA-1 & UP, FF-1, FF-2)
B300, B300C "350" (All sns)

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
251411-1, 90-530327-5, APVL-251411-1-F
, APVL-251411-1-F-1
(Note: Windows are NOT Polarized)

NOTE: SC Tints are only available in the 3/16 (.187") thickness options.
Alternate Part Numbers: GLAP is not affiliated with LPAERO in any way, The following is for reference only
LP1111, LP1111SG, LP1111GT, LP1111CL, LP1111UVSG,

Available Options:
Color: Dark Gray (W/XT-)  
Green (W/T-)  
Gray (W/G-)  
Clear (W-) ( - $11.97 )
SC Green (SC-W/T-) ( + $25.14 )
SC Gray (SC-W/G-) ( + $25.14 )

Window Thickness: .150"  
.187" (3/16")  

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