Door Window - 1181

<b>Door Window</b> - 1181

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Door Window - 1181


Item: Door Window
For Make: Piper
Approved for Models:
J-3, J3F-40
J3C-40, J3C-50, J3C-50S, J3C-65 (ARMY L-4 (O-59), L-4A (O-59A), L-4B, L-4H, L-4J, NAVY NE-1, NE-2), J3C-65S
J3F-50, J3F-50S, J3F-60, J3F-60S, J3F-65 (ARMY L-4D), J3F-65S
J3L, J3L-S, J3L-65 (ARMY L-4C), J3L-65S
PA-11, PA-11S

Replaces OEM part number:
 10051-00, 50083-09

NOTE: Due to Aircraft variations, these windows are oversize and more than likely will require more than normal trimming to be properly installed.   If a paper template or original window is supplied prior to manufacture we are more than happy to trim them to your specifications without additional charge.Alternate Part Numbers:

SC Tint only available in .080" thickness at this time for this item.

GLAP is not affiliated with LPAERO in any way, The following is for reference only LP012, LP012SG, LP012GT, LP012CL, LP012UVSG,

Available Options:
Color: Clear (W-)  
Green (W/T-) ( + $29.19 )
Gray (W/G-) ( + $29.19 )
SC Gray (SC-W/G-) ( + $90.47 )

Window Thickness: .080" (5/64")  
.100" (1/10")  

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