Replacement Latch Kit

Replacement <b>Latch Kit</b>

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Replacement Latch Kit


This is a standard latch kit we use on many of our window assemblies...  

THe Kit comes with everything you need to replace your existing latch.  If you require drilling a hole the drillbits are below... 

The Thickness of your window and vent window determines which screw we supply, please measure the two windows so we can Indicate Window Thickness for screw length.  

Some stock parts as reference:
Standard Piper Pilot Window is .125" (1/8") Thick and has a 1/4" Vent
Standard Mooney Pilot window is .187" (3/16") thick and has a 5/16" Vent
Most of our photo-port assemblies are 3/16" with a 5/16" vent or 1/4" with a 3/8" Vent.

If in doubt order the longer screw and cut it down to fit.  

If this is for a PMA Window, PLEASE INCLUDE MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER in the notes when you order, or send us an email.

Available Options:
Window Thickness: .125" (1/8")  
.187" (3/16")  
.250" (1/4")  
.375" (3/8")  

Drill Bit Kit: NONE  
#27 & #30 Drills only ( + $5.96 )



  • Replacement <b>Latch Kit</b>
  • Replacement <b>Latch Kit</b>
  • Replacement <b>Latch Kit</b>

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