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Terms & Conditions

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  • GLAP windshields and windows are warranted against defective workmanship and materials.

  • The warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts only, and does NOT cover installation costs.

  • The GLAP Warranty also covers only the defective portion of a part, IE a Vent window or a hinge within an assembly, if defective will be replaced with another Vent window or Hinge. GLAP will normally replace only the defective portion of the assembly not an entire assembly.

  • GLAP recommends inspecting parts prior to any attempt of installation. To do this simply peal back half of the paper on both sides and replace the paper when inspecting the other half.

  • The Warranty does NOT cover damage from transit, improper installation, crazing, cracks, scratches or breakage from the installation.

  • Items returned without the original protective paper may be refused.

  • Contact GLAP for further warranty information.


  • All Windshields and Windows are FAA/PMA Approved unless otherwise noted.

  • Parts are trimmed as close as aircraft variation allows.

  • Windshields and windows have the appropriate PMA & STC information included in the price of the part.

  • A copy of the STC is included in the price of STC’d parts.

  • GLAP STC’s can not be purchased separately from a part.

  • GLAP recommends that all installations are done by a certified A&P, and the proper installation manuals, installation procedures & practices recommended by the aircraft manufacturer are followed.

  • Windshields and windows are made from Acrylic sheet conforming applicable portions of ASTM D-4802, LP-391 & MIL-P-5425-D

  • All parts are shipped with appropriate insurances.

  • Uninstalled parts should be stored in a darkend cool area, and not stored in sunlight with protective paper.  Storing parts with paper on windshields or windows for more than three months may make paper difficult to remove.


  • FAR (Federal Aviation Regulation) 23.775 states that Windshields and Windows in front of the pilot may have a minimum light transmittance of 70%. The Green (2111) and Gray (2515) tints have a tint of approx light transmittance of approximately 75%.

  • Inner and Outer windows in front of the pilot may not both be tinted, only one window may be tinted, the other must be clear. Some applications such as the PA-31 use tinted inner windows and the outer must be clear, most other aircraft the outer window is tinted and the inner is clear.

  • Most Outer Non-Pressurized windshields and windows are available in Clear, “EZ-Eye” Green (2111) and “Solar” Gray (2115) unless otherwise noted in our the catalog or on-line.

  • Skylights and Windows behind the pilot are available in Other darker Tints.

  • Dark Gray (2064) (approximately 40% light transmittance or 60% tint is stocked for most thickness acrylic and available for no extra charge. Other tints (Special OUT-OF-STOCK colors may be subject to extra charges).
    Some tints may not be available.

  • Landing light lens’ and Pressurized windshields are available in clear ONLY.


  • Windshields & windows may be trimmed to the size of a customer supplied part or specifications.

  • There is normally no extra charge for minor custom trimming if we receive the details as to how to trim the part before we process the part prior to shipping.

  • Advance notification of shipping the original window or template to us is required.

  • In the event special trimming is requested AFTER any part has left our facility, shipping charges will NOT be the responsibility of GLAP, (shipping is to be paid by the customer) and there will be a minimum charge of $25.00 or more modification charge per item (depending on quantity and complexity of modification of an item). GLAP is not be responsible for damage done to the part from shipping or other incidental damage from handling, it is highly recommended to make sure parts are properly covered and well protected from damage during shipping and while handling. GLAP will only trim the part as requested and the part(s) will not be reinspected for optical quality or damages

  • Custom Trimmed parts are NOT returnable.

  • Special size or unusual shaped sheet is NOT returnable.

  • NO RUSH ORDERS ACCEPTED on custom trimming.


  •  Custom parts are those parts that are not listed in this catalog, or parts that have been modified as per a customer request and specifications.

  • We are able to make custom acrylic or polycarbonate parts for automobiles, boats or aircraft with a customer supplied part.

  • Custom parts may be subject to a tooling set up charge.

  • Prices are calculated by size, trim, shape and complexity of the part.

  • Each part is assessed on an individual bases for price.

  • At our discretion we may FAA/PMA or offer custom or supplied parts for sale in our catalog, unless there is a written agreement stating otherwise.

  • The customer is responsible for sending us tooling, adequate data or an original part to be copied.

  • An 8110-3 Form (One time Design Approval) may be supplied upon request if required. A $30 Fee may apply for the FAA/DER (Designated Engineering Representative) services. Call for details.

  • GLAP reserves the right not to make custom parts.


  • Aircraft Manufactures, Maintenance shops, Paint Shops, Dealers, Distributors, Fixed Base Operators, etc. may qualify for a discount. A Tax ID number, Company name and other information may be required for discounts.

  • In the event the order needs to be specially crated there may be a separate crate charge..

8130-3 Forms

  • GLAP Supplies 8130-3 Forms Free of charge for International Sales. United States Customers requesting an 8130-3 Form for non-export will be charged an additional $30.00 per order.


  • Prices are FOB Flint, MI. USA

  • We attempt to ship the least expensive (best) way.

  • Please note that UPS, Fed-Ex and other carriers no longer measure with a Girth + Length calculation for our unusual shaped boxes. Most 1 piece windshields are now “OS3” and may be assessed an extra $50 charge from these carriers.

  • We receive discounts from several freight companies to get the best price for the customer.

  • COD’s are accepted through UPS and Fed-Ex Only at this time.

  • We will not ship Freight or USPS C.O.D.

  • In Some cases it may be less expensive to ship truck freight than to ship UPS or Fed Ex, in this case it will be the decision of the customer to choose how they want their parts shipped.

A.O.G. “Aircraft on Ground” SERVICES

  • AOG orders receive top priority, and are shipped ASAP. Customers wishing to receive AOG service may be charged a $30.00 fee for each part and any discounts may be waved.


  • Products may ship almost anywhere in the world..

  • 8130-3 Forms are supplied free of charge to customers outside of the U.S.

  • On Site DMIR (Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative)

  • The name of the importing country must be supplied


  • Standard Windshields and Windows are returnable.

  • Custom Parts or Custom Trimmed parts are NOT eligible for return.

  • NON-FACTORY original colors may be subject to refusal of return.

  • A refund will be given for non-custom or non-special parts returned within the first 30 days of the invoice (less shipping).

  • Parts returned from day 31 of the invoice through day 90 may be charged a 20% restock charge ( less shipping )
    91 or more days contact GLAP

  • Returned parts may NOT be modified, trimmed, scratched etc. Parts must be in new sellable condition.

  • It is the customers responsibility to insure and pack all packages appropriately. If the package is damaged and uninsured it will be the Customers responsibility.

  • The Original protective paper must be applied to all windshields and windows when returned.

  • Any PMA (Approval) tags we apply has to be attached or returned with the part to receive refund.

  • Freight charges can not be refunded.

  • Contact GLAP to get a return authorization.

  • RMA number should be written on the outside of the box.

  • Returning parts without prior contact with GLAP may be refused.



Order your parts online E-mail us with your questions

Home > Catalog > Corporate > Terms and Conditions

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